Stop stretching and contorting yourself like a yogi just to get rid of those pesky itches!

End the search for a perfect scratching buddy - from neck to tailbone, there's finally an ideal scratcher for everyone!

Got an annoying itch? Don't suffer any longer - check out our list of the world's best back scratchers and get some much-needed relief that'll make your day! No more distractions, no more disruption; just awesome itchy satisfaction.

Don't let itchy skin keep you up at night - we've got all the scratchers and clawers to help relieve your back-scratching needs! Whether stainless steel or bamboo, our top picks can satisfy every itch. So forget counting sheep; just read on for some scratchin' relief!

How We Choose

We came up with the Best of the Best Back Scratchers on our list by reading many reputable online reviews from various trusted sources. We also ensure to do in-depth product research to provide you with only top-quality back scratchers with easy and firm bodies and handles.

On top of that, we follow several important determining factors like the ones below to ensure you get what you need:

●     Length: This is one of the factors we ensure to check in the products to be on our list. The backscratcher's length is vital since it plays a big part in ensuring that every itch is reached.

●     Material: This is another factor we make sure to check before including the product on our list. If you are looking for a  quality back scratcher that is gentle on the skin, it's best to opt for bamboo wooden scratchers. You may also opt for stainless steel, but ensure to scratch gently.

●     Comfort: The products on our list are all easy and comfortable to use. Some even have ergonomic designs or cushioned handles for added comfort.

●     Durability: We consider the overall quality and durability of the back scratcher. Hene, we ensure you have a tool that can hold up to regular use and last for a long time.

●     Price: We also consider the price of the back-scratch to make sure you have an option based on your budget or preference.

Now that we are done telling you about the determining factors on how we choose the products on our list, let's now go to each backscratcher product.

Extendable, Sturdy, Multi-Purpose

Cactus Plastic Back Scratcher

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Why We Love It

What we love about the Cactus Plastic Back Scratcher is that it is extendable up to 29 inches. It is also very easy to use with its incredible bear-claw design.

On top of that, this back-scratch tool is multi-purpose, making it ideal as a massager, head-scratcher, stimulator and more. It also has 1/4-inch spikes that ensure the itch goes away.

In case the 1/4-inch spikes don't satisfy, you can use the 1/2-inch spikes on the other side. Hence, you will surely get a satisfying solution for the itch on your back and other hard-to-reach areas.

Get one today and free yourself from the hard-to-reach itch in your body areas.

What You Should Know

The Cactus Plastic Back Scratcher is extendable from 10 inches to 29 inches. That said, you can surely reach those areas that you can't touch with your hands.

This one-handed telescoping back scratcher is among the top itchy back scratchers for men and women. It is sharp enough to use over your clothes but still feels on bare skin.

Aside from personal use, it's also a nice gift for dads, moms, friends, or any gifting occasion. Moreover, you can also use this as a cat or dog brush.

High-Quality with Unique Bear Claw Design

WOVTE Bear Claw Black Stainless Steel Back Scratcher

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Why We Love It

Though made from durable stainless steel, the WOVTE Bear Claw Black Back Scratcher is neither too sharp nor dull. Hence, it can give you comfort against any itches on your body.

Another reason why we love this back scratcher is it has a unique bear claw design. It has rounded prongs that effectively eliminate itch while avoiding direct contact to protect your precious skin better.

Moreover, the WOVTE Bear Claw Black Stainless Steel Back Scratcher is extendable and portable. This means that you can bring and use it anywhere you are.

Given its high-quality material, you can use this back scratcher for a long time. Get yours today!

What You Should Know

The WOVTE Bear Claw Black Stainless Steel Back Scratcher has four sections of handle. That said, you can extend or retract this the way you want.

It is made from 100% stainless steel, ensuring long time use. This scratcher doesn't bend, break, or rust, so it's worth considering.

This item is also a good gifting item for family and friends. On top of that, you can also use this as a tickling tool for your pet.

Portable and Lightweight

Kuvvfe Portable Stainless Steel Back Scratcher

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Why We Love It

What we love about the Kuvvfe Portable Stainless Steel Back Scratcher is that it is extendable and does not rust for a long time. This is because it is made of high-quality stainless steel that neither bends nor deforms.

On top of that, its handle is non-slip and made of soft rubber. It's also portable and lightweight, with a portable cloth bag, allowing you to bring it on business trips, travel, or in the office.

Its telescopic handle is extendable up to 27 inches and can be retracted to 8 inches. So, if you are experiencing itches that are hard to reach, buy one today to drive those itches away!

What You Should Know

The Kuvvfe Portable Stainless Steel Back Scratcher never rusts since it's made from high-quality stainless steel.

Despite being made of steel, this will not scratch your skin since its sharp edges are cut repeatedly by the machine. Moreover, you can carry it anywhere, anytime since it's compact and highly portable.

This back scratcher is also collapsible to 7 inches and extendable to 24 inches.

Foldable & Waterproof with Exfoliating Brush

Bearback Premium Back Scratcher

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Why We Love It

The Bearback Premium Back Scratcher is perhaps the most unique scratcher for backs in this lifetime. It has premium quality with a beautiful design, perfect for providing an excellent scratching experience each time you use it.

In addition, it's gentle on the skin while being tough on itches. It has many flexible bristles with soft beaded tips, giving you a satisfying scratching experience without harming your skin.

That said, you have relief whenever you need it! Get your today and get that itch-relief you've always wanted today.

What You Should Know

You'll appreciate the advantages of itch relief, skin exfoliation and improved circulation with the Bearback Premium Back Scratcher. NOT ONLY on your back, ALL OVER.

This is a total body scratcher with lax, gentle bristles that feel crazy good each time you scratch the itch in difficult-to-reach areas. It also has a perfect curved 17 inches handle that can be folded to 9.5 inches to scratch itchy areas like the scalp, torso, or arms easily.

Moreover, the Bearback Premium Back Scratcher is coated with a lovely soft-touch matte finish, making it look great. You can also use this as a dry brush, lotion application, or massage roller—your choice!

Self-Therapeutic, Sturdy & Unique

TungSam Self-Therapeutic Bamboo Back Scratcher

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Why We Love It

What we love about the TungSam Self-Therapeutic Bamboo Back Scratcher is that it's made from natural bamboo.

This product is polished by hand and is durable. It has a polished edge and smooth shape, guaranteeing that it won't harm your skin.

Moreover, it is lightweight, which is perfect for giving you an extra hand navigating through the itchy areas of your body. Get one now and get rid of all itches!

What You Should Know

TungSam Self-Therapeutic Bamboo Back Scratcher is hand-made and crafted from natural bamboo.

It has a comfortable length of 17 inches, ensuring to reach those itchy areas you can't touch with your hands.

It is finely handcrafted, making it worth having—not only for you or your family members but also for your furry pets.

Extendable, Telescoping & Portable

 Snowyee Backscratchers

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Why We Love It

One of the reasons why we love the Snowyee Backscratchers is that they have an extendable and telescoping design. These features allow you to reach the itch on your back easily.

With this product, you can soothe sore muscles and ease itchiness with a triple-threat of Hand Fingers, Bear Claw and Eagle Claw! The extendable products provide customized access - up to 26.8 inches from the Hand Fingers or 22.64 inches from the Bear Claw Back Scratcher for maximum reachability.

Enjoy effortless itch relief on the go with Eagle Claw Backscratchers! With a pocket-sized design that extends from 8.67 to 22.84 inches, you can keep three excellent back scratchers within reach no matter where your travels take you - all at an unbeatable price!

What You Should Know

The Snowyee Backscratchers is a great set of backscratchers, which include Bear Claw, Eagle Claw and Rake.

The set is made from Stainless Steel and Rubber handles that are all extendable and telescoping. These scratcher features help you reach the most difficult-to-reach itchy areas, relieving you of any itchiness instantly.

Its collapsible size is like that of a phone, so you can carry it anywhere if you want!

Oversize for Great Itch-Relief

Flanker-L Oversized Portable & Extendable Back Scratcher

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Why We Love It

Everyone can encounter intolerable itching situations, especially if the itching area can't be reached with their own hands. What we love about the Flanker-L's Back Scratcher is that it is extendable and oversize, making it easy for you to experience instant itch relief.

More importantly, it is portable and lightweight, which makes it easy to carry around. It's also multi-purpose, so you can get the best value for your money on this one.

It's also a lovely tool to scratch the furs of your cat or dog to help them feel loved and cared for. That said, consider buying one today and enjoy an itch-free day!

What You Should Know

The Flanker-L's Back Scratcher is thicker with an upgraded pipe diameter of 0.63 inches. This signifies that this new model is much more durable than the past product model.

Another thing is that it is longer with a maximum telescopic size of 31 inches. Ordinary back scratcher models are only about 26 inches.

This is also more convenient to use with its large, non-slip rubber handle that can fit your hand much better. It also comes with a carrying bag, allowing you to carry it around wherever you go.


Here are the most frequently asked questions about back scratchers:

Are back scratchers effective at relieving itchy skin?

Back scratchers can be effective at relieving itchy skin. This is because scratching motion can help stimulate the skin and temporarily distract from the itchiness sensation.

However, it is essential to note that a back scratcher should not be used as a long-term solution for itchy skin. If you are experiencing frequent itchiness, consider speaking with a healthcare provider to determine the underlying cause and receive proper treatment.

Can a back scratcher be used to scratch other parts of the body besides the back?

Yes, a back scratcher can be used to scratch other parts of the body besides the back. The scratching motion of a back scratcher can help relieve itchiness or discomfort on any part of the body that is difficult to reach.

Some people use back scratchers to scratch their shoulders, arms, legs, or even their feet. However, it is important to be gentle when using a back scratcher on sensitive areas of the skin.

Also, avoid using too much pressure or scratching too hard since this can cause skin irritation or damage.

Are there different types of back scratchers available, and how do I choose the best one?

Yes, there are many different types of back scratchers available. Some common types include:

  1. Manual back scratcher: This is the most traditional type of back scratcher. It is made to be held in the hand and used to scratch the back or other parts of the body and is made from different materials, including plastic, wood, or stainless steel.
  2. Telescoping back scratcher: This lightweight tool has a handle that can be extended to reach longer distances, making them easier to use on hard-to-reach areas of the back.
  3. Electric back scratcher: This back scratcher uses a motor to vibrate the scratching end, providing a massaging effect and relief from itchiness.
  4. Back scratcher glove: This glove has a built-in scratching surface on the fingers or palm. This allows you to scratch your back or other body parts while wearing the gloves.

Can a back scratcher be used on sensitive skin?

It is generally safe to use a back scratcher on sensitive skin as long as it is used gently and with a light touch. However, if you have sensitive skin, it's best to choose a back scratcher made from a softer material.

It is also important to avoid using too much pressure or scratching too hard, as this could cause irritation or damage to the skin.

Is it safe to use a back scratcher on damaged or broken skin?

It is generally not recommended to use a back scratcher on damaged or broken skin since this could further irritate or infect your skin. If you have a cut, scrape, or any other open wound on your skin, it is best to keep it clean and covered with a bandage to protect it from infection.

If you are experiencing itchiness or discomfort in the area, it is best to speak with a healthcare provider for proper treatment and relief. Once the skin has fully healed, you can resume using a back scratcher if desired.

Final Thoughts

A back scratcher is the real secret to achieving total relaxation. Not only can it help you in those hard-to-reach places so you don't have to contort yourself into weird yoga poses, but they come in all shapes and sizes!

You get your pick of wood, plastic or metal - plus blissful relief from that pesky itch. And if having someone else do all the work for ya' sounds even better? Then this tool should be on everyone's shopping list today!

So go ahead... scratch away at life with a backscratcher: Your new best friend when it comes to self care.

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