Wearing your most expensive casual footwear to work is a bad idea if you do any kind of outdoor labor, especially if you have no way of knowing when or how the weather will change. Instead, invest in pull-on work boots; they will save the day and your shoes.

There are many positive things to say about these boots, so it's no surprise that their popularity has skyrocketed. Therefore, it's understandable that everyone else is curious about trying them out. Then why not you?

We know you're looking for a pair of pull-on work boots, so we’ll help you find the best options whether you need ankle support, have flat feet, need to keep your feet dry or need toe protection we got you! Without further ado, let's get started.

How We Choose

It can be hard to find the best work boots that fit your needs. You might not have time to go from store to store, and you don't want to waste money on a pair of boots that won't last.

Buying work boots can be a pain. You have to try them on in person, make sure they're comfortable, and hope they last more than a few months.

We did the research for you and found the best slip-on work boots available online.

All of the safety features everyone should look for in a pair of work boots, such as slip resistance, oil resistance, and more, can be found in the boots we've compiled for you to review before making a purchase.  Our picks are durable, safe, comfortable, and affordable.

Top 5 Best Pull-On Work Boots

Good Choice for Industrial Boots

Timberland Men's Steel Toe Work Boot

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Why We Love It

Pull on steel-toe, lace up work boots like these are a need for any industrial worker.

The Timberland Pro Men's Boots are built to last and include all the tough durability you could expect in a protective boot that also meets all the necessary safety standards.

Thankfully, this boot was created with industrial workers in mind. These boots are also built to withstand daily wear and tear on the job.

You can now work all day with ease, all thanks to the shoes' built-in features for relieving foot stress, safeguarding against potential shocks, and preventing slips and falls due to oil and other slippery substances.

Another reason we like these round toe boots is that both the outer sole and the inner sole are well-made, making them not a one-and-done item but rather an investment you can count on for years to come.

What You Should Know

Since these work boots are not waterproof, these boots are not the best option if you're looking for waterproof boots.

The good news is that it is incredibly warm and cozy, and the 100% leather which is used in the construction of these boots passes all ANSI safety standards and has outsoles that are oil, slip, and all kinds of resistant except for WATER!

It has a PRO 24/7 Comfort Suspension technology, a special comfort process that fulfills the strictest workplace requirements, so it supports the arch, cushions each step, and lessens foot muscle tension.  These comfortable boots are on the higher end as far as price goes.

However, they pack so much luxury the high price tag quickly fades in comparison.

Best for Farmers-Ranchers

Wolverine Men's Rancher Steel Toe Work Boot

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Why We Love It

When you work in the field as a farmer or a ranch hand, you should protect yourself against insect bites because you never know when or where they may come.

From this perspective, these boots are the most suitable option for farmers and ranchers.

It's a pair of long boots that cover your lower leg completely, allowing you to work comfortably and safely.

This will ensure that your feet are comfortable and dry throughout the day; it has an attachable ortholite padded insole. Surprisingly, durable steel shanks can be found in this boot, which is a wonderful complement to any work boot.

What You Should Know

The Wolverine Square Toe Rancher Work Boots feature a square front that gives your toes extra room and a durable Steel Toe Cap for maximum protection.

Also, these are equipped to handle the most demanding jobs thanks to their sturdy Goodyear Welt Construction, steel shanks, and slip resistant soles.

As these boots are not insulated, they are ideal for use in warmer climates by farmers and ranchers.

These boots can be easily put on and removed without having to deal with laces; they also come with a heel of approximately 1.75’’.

These boots are fantastic because they are slip-resistant, saving the wearer from a major incident if they step on a slippery area while farming in the field.

The thing is most people buy boots to keep their feet warm in cold weather. But these boots have a moisture-wicking mesh lining that will keep your feet cool.

The overall boots are sturdy and fashionable enough for a casual and are a great choice for farmers and ranchers because they are reasonable priced and designed perfectly for their use!

Best One-Time Investment

LARNMERN Steel Toe Work Boots

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Why We Love It

Investing in a pair of LARNMEN steel-toe boots is a good decision if you want a sturdy pair that will last a long time.

They are simple to clean and can even be rinsed without risk of damage!

The inside of the shoe is exceptionally comfortable, and there is a large selection of color options available to you, giving you a range of options from which you can select the color that best suits your style.

Whether you agree, it is a comprehensive package of everything men are looking for, and everyone should have it! It is a genuine once-and-done investment.

What You Should Know

These boots are not long boots; if you're looking for boots that cover your calf or an ankle boot, consider the second option I reviewed above.

To get back to LARNMEN boots, these are lace up boots that are easy to pull on, they have a steel round toe cap and an anti-puncture midsole, just like the American standard ASTM F2413-18 requires. And lastly, it will keep you safe from the risk posed by sharp and falling objects.

The reflective strips are my favorite feature of these boots because they are so uncommon, and it was a smart choice to include them in a model designed for men who work late into the night.

The insoles of these shoes have anti-static wires sewn into them, which is an added safety measure.

Any static electricity generated will save your feet from a shock, charge, or spark in the electrical components.

They are SRC slip resistance meaning you can work confidently in any environment without worrying about falling, but that doesn't mean you can let your guard down; instead, you should exercise caution as you normally would.

Best for Wet Weather

Servus Comfort Steel Toe Work Boots

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Why We Love It

This one is the first pull-on work boot on the list, which is 100% waterproof; I know many of you must be waiting for a water-resistant boot, and here we got one!

Servus's men's work boots contain an impressive flawless style that gives a sturdy, convenient outer layer made from PVC that will last for many years under normal use.

Furthermore, it has a cushioned insole and heel and arch support, making this one of the comfy pairs of men's steel-toed boots currently available in the market.

To ensure that your boots last as long as possible, it is recommended that you invest in these due to their superior durability and reinforced construction in high-stress areas.

As a bonus, you can choose between two colors—yellow or black—though, honestly, either would be a good choice.

What You Should Know

Already a huge plus for many people is that these boots are entirely waterproof, as I mentioned up top; not just this, but they are also resistant to fading from various chemicals usually used on external job sites.

These boots are made with a molded heel to protect your foot from wobbling everywhere.

Furthermore, it has a Trac10 slip resistant outsole specially designed with cleats to provide excellent grip even in wet conditions.

A simple rinse is all that is needed to remove any debris that may have fallen on the boots, which means it is so easy to maintain.

They are durable and comfortable, and their overall design makes them applicable to various fields.

Great Shock Absorber

Cat Footwear Men’s Steel Toe Work Boot

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Why We Love It

The sturdy construction and premium full grain leather uppers make these shoes a go-to for casual wear and quick changes.

No matter what you do daily, you can rely on the protection, comfort, and durability it offers.

People also claim that this boot lasts ten times as long as boots of other brands, not your traditional work boot.

The perfect boot to meet the ASTM F2413-11 I/75 C/75 Steel Toe, a standard American Test method sets.

Nobody would say no to trying out a pair of these boots. You don't have to worry about being left empty-handed because it's so easy on your wallet.

What You Should Know

The Cat Footwear Men’s Second Shift work boots are rugged and comfy simultaneously, as it is specifically designed for working men to provide them utmost comfort during their working hours.

Honey, dark brown, and black are the color options.

Since many businesses have rules about appropriate footwear, the designers wisely choose a muted color palette that works well with any aesthetic.

You can relax knowing that this boot with a steel toe has your back and nothing can harm your foot.

Cat Footwear guarantees its boot will withstand the high pressure of up to 2,500 pounds and impact up to 75-foot pounds.

What a lot of features for one boot, and I'm willing to bet you can't find a steel-toed work boot is offering more security anywhere else.

With a durable design and premium 100% leather construction, these boots are perfect for the office or the outdoors.

It's slip-resistant, like the other boots we've reviewed, and it has a climasphere breathable cushioned insole to keep your feet feeling great.

Undoubtedly, you're wondering what sets this boot apart from the rest.

First, it's more secure than regular boots thanks to its EH technology, which shields your feet from open circuits of up to 600 volts in dry environments.

The only issue with these boots is that they are on the heavier side compared to the other options on this list; apart from that, they are an excellent choice.


Below are answers to some of the most frequently asked questions (FAQs) before buying a pair of slip-on work boots.

Should work boots be a size bigger?

It's best to get a size bigger if your feet are on the larger side, but if your feet are on the smaller side, standard sizing should work fine.

Is it better to have tight or loose work boots?

The suitable fit for a work boot is not extremely tight and tight; it should fall somewhere in the middle.

How can I make my steel-toe boots more comfortable?

Unlike a soft toe boot a steel toe boot may at times not be as comfortable as you would like. There are a few things that you can do to make your steel-toe boots more comfortable:

  • By wearing socks
  • Invest in boot insoles
  • Try to bend the boot to stretch the leather.

How can I make my steel-toe boots more comfortable?

Unlike a soft toe boot a steel toe boot may at times not be as comfortable as you would like. There are a few things that you can do to make your steel-toe boots more comfortable:

  • By wearing socks
  • Invest in boot insoles
  • Try to bend the boot to stretch the leather.

Should you size up for pull-on boots?

No, If the boot fits except for the toe box, it's not an issue because a larger toe box isn't bad. A smaller one will push your foot and end up causing all kinds of issues.

Should your toes touch the end of your steel-toe boots?

No, your toes should be free to move inside the steel toe box without touching the front of the boots.

How do I stop my feet from hurting in steel-toe boots?

You have to invest in a good pair of work boot insoles, having them custom-fitted, and wearing socks designed for boots; it will stop your feet from hurting.

Final Thoughts

If you're looking for slip on work boots, there are plenty of options available to you. With the right information and consideration, you can choose the best pair for your needs, whether it's for construction sites or strenuous outdoor jobs.

It's better to make a good decision at the start than to second-guess it afterward.

It is now your responsibility to go out and purchase a pair of nice work boots for yourself while keeping all of these factors in mind, as we are confident that reading this article will unquestionably assist you in gaining good knowledge and determining which one is best for you.

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