Disney Squishmallows are a must-have for every Disney fan!

These cuddly plush toys offer an easy way to show off our love of the classic characters we know and adore. With so many varieties, they make it hard not to feel fully immersed in your favorite Disney world - almost as if Mickey Mouse himself is standing right there with you.

From Mickey Mouse to Donald Duck and from Olaf to Flounder, there are so many  plush toys that Disney fans love to have. We, Disney squishmallow admirers can’t grow out of adding new plush toys to our squishmallow collection.

Although we go for those plush toys that are based on our favorite Disney characters, it’s also important to look for the quality and price of the squishmallow. This is because if the squishmallow isn’t cuddly or wears out quickly, it loses its charm.

Make way for the cuddliest critters on the block! If your squad is searching for adorable Disney-themed squishmallows, you've come to the right place. We'll be reviewing 5 of these lovable plush toys in depth - so get ready to make a tough decision about which one will join (or lead!) your precious collection!

How We Choose The Best Disney Squishmallows?

To come up with our list of Disney Squishmallows, we have done thorough research and made sure that we choose the best options for you. We searched the market and came across plenty of mixed reviews about different squishmallows.

These reviews from real users have helped us shortlist the 5 best Disney squishmallows that any Disney fan would love to add to their collection of squishmallows. All of these animal plush toys meet all the fundamental requirements of a typical Disney squishmallow.

First, we’ve looked for the material used in the squishmallow. All of them are made of marshmallow polyester fiber, which is why they are super-fluffy as well as durable.

The second important parameter we have gauged these animal plush toys on is their size. Different people have different requirements as far as the size of the squishmallow is concerned. Some like to have tiny ones while others love cuddling big-sized plush toys. All of the squishmallows on the list are 14-inch in size and are perfect options for those who love big squishmallows.

Last but not least, we checked these squishmallows on the price yard as well. All of the items reviewed below aren't very expensive.

Best High-Quality Squishmallow

Eeyore Disney Animal Plush Toy 

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Why We Love It?

This is a super soft donkey-themed squishmallow for all those who loved the character of Eeyore and wanted to see it around as an animal plush toy.

This plush toy is made of high-quality polyester fiber, which is why it is very durable. It has beautiful grey-colored droopy ears that are also made of soft and squishy material.

The best thing about this squishmallow is that it is very easy to maintain. You can machine wash and dry it.

This plush character stands out with its generous 14-inch size, making it perfect for cozy snuggling. Crafted from top-notch marshmallow-soft materials, this plush offers exceptional compressibility and squeezability, adding to its delightful charm.

What You Should Know?

This Eeyore animal plush has a net weight equal to 12.6 ounces. It was released in April 2021 and people have found it adorable and perfectly seized so far.

Its 4.9 out of 5 rating on Amazon is a testament that people are loving this squishmallow. The majority of the users find it super-huggable, squishy, and cuddly.

Make your dreams come true and cuddle up with this ultra-plush toy! With its amazing softness, you can enjoy a warm hug wherever - whether it's at home during movie night or while travelling across the world. Plus, it won't get flat anytime soon so you can always count on loads of long hugs for great value.

Cutest Squishmallow

Marie Animal Plush Toy 

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Why We Love It?

This is a cat-themed animal plush toy, which is super cute and fluffy. It has a beautiful white and pink color and is officially licensed by Disney.

This 14-inch super soft squishmallow is all you would need to be around. It is a very cuddly and ultra-collectible plush toy and children and adults equally love it.

It’s themed The Aristocats and is a perfect plush for Marie fans. You can never get over its cute pink bow and collar, which are super adorable. Squishmallow fans can snuggle it all day during long flights, car rides, and sleepovers.

Another great thing about this squishmallow is its quality. Unlike an ordinary stuffed toy, this one doesn’t flat out quickly. Once bought, it stays with you for a long time. Even after regular washing, this plush toy neither gets flat nor gets any odor.

What You Should Know?

This Marie animal plush toy has a net weight equal to 30.4 ounces. It’s made up of high-quality marshmallow polyester fiber, which ensures that it’s not only soft but also durable.

Your favorite cuddly squishmallow friend is here to stay! Thanks to its machine washable material, it can handle any mess that comes its way - so you never have worry about losing a moment of snuggling and cuddling.

Disney just launched the coziest new addition to their lineup: a totally squishable animal toy! Released in January 2021, this irresistibly soft and fluffy companion has been making amazing memories for Disney fans since day one. Customers are giving it rave reviews with an impressive 4.9 out of 5 rating on Amazon - so don’t miss your chance at snatching up some cuddle-worthy fun today!

Budget-Friendly Squishmallow

Dumbo Animal Plush Toy 

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Why We Love It?

This one is for all the Dumbo fans out there. It’s an adorable gray-colored elephant plush with jumbo fluffy ears and a little trunk.

You would not regret adding this plush toy to your squishmallows collection. It’s a super squishy and snuggly squishmallow and is perfect for all those looking for a soft animal plush toy.

It is made up of high-quality polyester material and is super comfy and durable. Because of the polyester material used in it, this squishmallow doesn’t give a smell and is very easy to maintain.

No extensive cleaning process is needed to maintain this animal plush toy. You can wash it with any detergent and then let it dry in the air. Even after multiple washes, this Dumbo plush toy doesn’t get flat and retains its softness for a long time.

What You Should Know?

What I like the most about this animal plush toy is that doesn’t get flat with time. The material used in this stuffed toy keeps is super-fluffy and plump.

Also, the most adorable thing about this squishmallow is its soft and squishy ears, which are of the perfect size.

This Dumbo animal plush toy has a net weight equal to 28.96 ounces. It was officially launched in January 2021 and has received good reviews. Its 4.9 out of 5 stars rating is proof of its popularity.

Best for Softness

Minnie Mouse Animal Plush Toy 

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Why We Love It?

For all the Minnie Mouse lovers out there, this 14 inches big squishmallow is a treat. Its cute little pink bow is a cherry on top.

It has a perfect huggable size and Disney fans of all ages love it. It has a beautiful pink color with white polka dots, which you would love to add to your collection of squishmallows.

This is a very collectible and adorable animal plush for squishmallow lovers of all ages. You can take it with you on your road trips and use it as a pillow as well.

What You Should Know?

This Minnie Mouse animal plush toy has a net weight equal to 26.4 ounces. You can use it as a pillow as it’s super cute and squishy.

Minnie mouse fans love the red polka dot dress of this squishmallow. It can also be a perfect gift for kids as well as adults.

This animal plush toy is very easy to maintain. It has a very nice pink color, which gets dull after some time. You can machine wash it once in a while to refresh the color of the squishmallow.

Minnie Mouse lovers are happy with this squishmallow and this is evident from the reviews it has gotten so far. This squishmallow has an overall rating of 4.9 out of 5.

Adorable Squishmallow

Olaf Plush Stuffed Animal Large Plush Toy

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Why We Love It?

Olaf lovers would love to bring this squishmallow home as it’s the perfect cuddly animal plush toy.

It is a 14-inch cute animal plush toy, which you can squeeze and cuddle all day, during flights, car rides, and while watching your favorite Disney movie. High-quality marshmallow material is used for making this squishmallow, which keeps it super foamy and soft.

Squishmallow fans can rest easy knowing their beloved snuggly friends won't ever lose any of that precious fluff! No amount of cuddling will deplete its softness, so you can keep showing affection without fear. Snuggle away your worries and enjoy a plush pal for life!

This precious squishmallow couldn't be easier to keep new and snuggly! Even if the vibrant colors catches some dirt, don’t worry - just toss it into a washing machine for a quick clean. Then you can enjoy an almost instant fluff-filled drying session as your beloved toy reemerges good as new!

What You Should Know?

This Olaf animal plush toy has a net weight equal to 26.4 ounces. It has a very cute blend of different colors, which adds to its attraction.

The nose and ears of this Olaf plush are also made of polyester and they are super cute and attractive.

Olaf's admirers are loving this squishmallow. It has a 4.9 out of 5 rating on Amazon and customers think this cute squishmallow is great value for money.


Below are answers to some of the most frequently asked questions (FAQs) that you should go through before buying a Disney squishmallow.

Is Disney Squishmallows rare?

Among the 800 Disney squishmallows, not all are always available. Some of them are very rare and so they are expensive compared to the other commonly available squishmallows.

What are the rare Squishmallows?

Some of the rarest squishmallows are Jack the Black Cat, Blossom the Lamb, Golden Hans, Patty the Cow, and Gertrude the Goose.

How big is Disney Squishmallows?

The huggable size of a Disney squishmallow is around 24 inches. It is as large as a pillow.

What are the different sizes of Squishmallows?

Disney squishmallows come in various sizes. The smallest of all squishmallows is identified as 3.5 inches big whereas the largest of all is 24 inches in size.

What is the oldest Squishmallow?

The first squishmallow made by the Kellytoy company was Cameron the Calico Cat. It was launched in 2017 along with seven other squishmallows.

Who was the 100th Squishmallow?

One Golden Hans is labeled as the 100th squishmallow.

Final Thoughts

Who doesn't love a good Disney character? We used to be obsessed with them as kids, and now you can keep the joy going by collecting adorable squishmallows! Animal plush toys are also available for all ages - just make sure to do some research before jumping into buying one.

If you're looking for the perfect snuggle buddy, who better than a beloved Disney character?  We've narrowed down 5 of our top picks from Amazon's best-reviewed squishmallows! They'll all be sure to keep your cuddles warm and cozy. We hope this detailed review helps make finding your favorite sidekick an easy pick!

Disclosure: This page may contain affiliate links.  As an Amazon Associate, we earn from qualifying purchases, at no extra cost to you.

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